Important Information for Year 1 school return on 22/6/20


Dear Y1 Parents,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.  As promised, here are some further details regarding your child returning to school on Monday June 22nd.

  • The children will be in 2 class groups [bubbles]. There will be no more than 15 children in each group. One class group will be with Mrs Astles and Miss Hutson, and the other with Miss Fisher and Mrs Scoffin.  Mrs Wain will be joining one of the groups.  They will be in either the Y1 or Y2 classroom. 
  • Children will remain in this small class group until the end of term and will not be able to switch or play with children in the other group. This will help to keep them safe.
  • Children should not wear uniform, and you need to wash their clothes every day at the end of school.
  • Children may bring their water bottle to school each day, and this needs to be taken home each night and washed thoroughly.
  • Children will also need to bring a sun hat and sun cream, this will stay at school until the end of term.
  • Children can also bring a change of clothes [in case of accidents] again to stay in school until used.
  • Children must NOT bring anything else into school, ie no books or book bags.
  • Children will have their own desk and chair where they can keep their belongings, if the weather is cold they can keep their coat on the back of their chair or under their desk.
  • There will be access to the role play area in their own class.  This will have plastic materials in so they can be washed.
  • The children will be given a free school lunch, however if you wish to send your child with their own lunch this needs to be in a disposable carrier bag so that it can all be thrown away after lunch [ie no lunch boxes].
  • Children need to come to school at 9.30 and be picked up at 2.30.  It is important that you keep to these times and do not arrive earlier or later.
  • You will need to wait outside the gate, 2 metres apart at drop off and pick up times.
  • School will close for deep cleaning on a Friday afternoon so children will need to be picked up on a Friday at 12.00.
  • When you bring your child to school, please make sure only one parent comes and that you do not bring siblings [if this is a problem with siblings please get in touch]
  • It is vital that we have an up to date contact number as if any child shows any coronavirus symptoms then we will call you to take your child home immediately and then get them tested.
  • Parents are asked not to enter the school building and telephone appointments can be made if you wish to speak to the teacher or you can make an appointment to come into the office.
  • Mrs Astles will be posting some videos next week to show you what will happen, so that you can show your children what school will look like!


  • Could all parents please email me [even if you have already said yes] to tell me a “yes” or a “no” as to whether your child will be coming to school on June 22nd. Please tell me your child's name when you email to


  • Please let me know on or before Wednesday June 10th, so that we can make further plans.

There is a lot of information on this letter, and there will be more to follow!  Apologies for that!

I look forward to hearing from you all,

Take lots of care

Mrs Bagni

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