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A message from Miss Humphries - Chair of the Governing Board

The Edleston team are working extremely hard during these unprecedented and challenging times.  

The school are constantly reviewing and adapting to new LA and Government guidance and the local CoVid case rate data when they receive it.  Leaders are ensuring that risk assessments are in place and that they actually do what they say they do; help prevent spread of this deadly virus and ensure a safe learning space for children and staff.

When safety is the priority, which at Edleston it always is, not just for Covid times, it may appear that decisions are taking longer to implement.  Let me reassure you, these decisions are taking place, and they are being implemented and every child is being considered and supported by staff. 

Edleston currently has 30 plus children that come under the categories key worker/vulnerable in school supported by staff on a rota system.

To reduce risk of spreading and contracting CoVid on site, staff are remotely working where they are delivering lessons and supporting the children who are accessing lessons online.

All staff are working tirelessly to ensure lesson material is available online.  Please note paper copies are available upon request, please contact your teacher on Class DoJo. 

If you have concerns regarding accessing lessons online please contact head@edleston.cheshire.co.uk.  The school has a limited number of devices that can be loaned to support the children where needed.

Please can I ask you that if you have any concerns you direct them to school rather than social media.  Edleston staff are not immune to CoVid.  They have feelings.  They are human beings.  They love their profession and they care about every child.  This has not changed.  

One of 2020's slogans was Be Kind.  A message I think is worth reminding ourselves in 2021.

For any queries my email is chair@edleston.cheshire.sch.uk

Best regards, stay safe

Emma Humphries

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