Mrs Bagni - Monday 23rd March

Date: 23rd Mar 2020 @ 9:38am

Good Morning from Mrs Bagni


We will miss you all but the sun is shining and I want you to be super learners and brilliant for your parents this week.


Below I have listed lots of ideas for your week, read this with your parents and decide how you are going to keep up your learning, the school website has even more – so no excuse for boredom!



Suggestions written for you and your child/ren to share, lots of these are small daily tasks that over time will build new life skills;


  • Do a little reading a few times a day – pick a book to read together and truly read it . These books will be the memories we will recall when this time passes.


  • Do some maths but real life maths every day– teach your child to tell the time, bake, measure things, skip and sing counting songs, order the shopping online together... do let me know how many kilograms of bananas you end up with!


  • Learn all the basic maths facts you need to know (see your class page on the website and look at KIRFS) and your times tables – these will help you hugely in the future.


  • Learn to tie your shoelaces.


  • Write a diary everyday – this does not need to be extensive but will record this time in our world history and how it affected you and your family.


  • Make a happiness box. Fill it with pictures of great things you have done as a family, pictures of things you enjoy, letters and notes. Look at it every day, talk about it, it will keep your head in a happier place.


  • Learn about the natural world, become a bird spotter, learn to identify trees and plants in your garden.


  • Grow your own! Touch the earth and plant some lovely things to watch and enjoy in your garden or just in a plant pot – nature is magical


  • Spot stars, sun rises and sunsets – these won’t stop shining and keeps you mindful and in touch with the beauties of our world


  • Write letters and post them to friends and family. Grandparents are really going to need ‘letter love’ from little ones now so write to an elderly member of our community each week. ‘Adopt’ a neighbour and make them your pen pal 
  • Make sure you do some exercise and get outside every day. Tune into all the daily fitness videos that are being streamed by celebrities like Joe Wicks. Exercise is essential!


  • Have a project that you develop every day. Start by choosing a subject you love. Plan and make an expert guide to it. It could be castles, dragons, A country of the world, Minecraft, dinosaurs, Lego, Star Wars, clothes designing, film reviews,  – anything that you have a passion for. Imagine someone who knows nothing about this and make them a project which will teach them. When we return we can share them all.


At the moment we do not have any information on children who are entitled to free school meals. I will keep you informed as soon as I know anything.

Keep safe everyone. x

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