A message from the Governing Board - 20/1/21

Date: 20th Jan 2021 @ 9:41am

Message from the Governing Board 

Unfortunately some untruths and hurtful comments have been made on social media recently and this has caused upset amongst staff.  This is not acceptable and needs to stop.

In order to prevent this from happening again I would like to share some information from the Government.  

Myths about home learning 



Please can I reassure you all that Edleston always follows Government and Ofsted's advice, they are the people with the data that shows what works and what doesn't.  Edleston adapts and changes each time to ensure children get the best education. They tailor their lessons to the children.  This means some of it will be different to how other schools do it.  This is ok.  Each school knows their classes and children best.  

If we look at number 6 in their myths it is;  Live lessons aren't always best

Edleston knows this and therefore have google classrooms and other methods to deliver lessons which parents can access at a time that suits them and their children.

Although early days these are generally working well. A parent survey is underway and the feedback has been mainly positive. Full results will be shared beginning of February.

If you have not received a text for the parent survey please contact head@edleston.cheshire.sch.uk and update your phone number so it can be sent. 

Finally, Edleston is a very small school with many communal areas that have multiple uses pre CoVid.  This means during CoVid we have limited places in school for children.  If we take more children than we can cater for safely and go against the risk assessments that would mean everyone attending would be put at even more risk. We will not do that.  We care too much about our staff and pupils. We will not cut corners in safety or teaching.  

If you have any issues with home learning please contact your teacher on Class Dojo or head teacher on the above email or myself on chair@edleston.cheshire.sch.uk

Staff are working hard in these very challenging times please do not post nasty comments on social media, abuse of any kind towards staff will not be tolerated. 


Emma Humphries


Edleston Primary School

Denver Ave, Crewe, CW2 7PX

Head Teacher: Mrs. Bagni

Telephone: 01270 685770